Session 4-12-09

Pretty busy week for me here.

On Tuesday I had Dave Doyle come out for about three hours to trade some sambo for wrestling…we ended up doing mainly sambo but I did get a bit of wrestling info outta him. I am still sporting a few bruises.

Friday Matt came out for a pretty rough session:

2 rds grip work

3 rds freestyle sambo

2 rds combat sambo

2 rds fisticuffs (Russian style boxing)

We then broke out the big axes and worked through some of George Silvers advice on fighting with like weaponry.

Sunday, just Justin and I…

2 rds shadow boxing

2 rds boxing

2 rds footwork

2 rds freestyle sambo

2 rds par terre

2 short rds of starting from cross body position.

We messed around with some weapons but mostly just talked about them rather than really getting into anything. Saturday I really over did it with the kettlebell training and my legs were shot so we ended a bit early. I did realize on Saturday that a real hard leg work out should not be followed by a rubber legged climb down the ladder from the LOD.


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