Session 4-5-09

Just Matt and I today….

2 rds shadow boxing 2 rds sparring Russian style fisticuffs We then went over a few defensive and offensive concepts from fisticuffs…..very strange but functional. Using methods 1,2 and 3 for dealing with incoming blows, setting up both punches and elbow strikes from our own parried punches. We also went over one unarmed defense against a stick attack.

Onto sambo…. 1 rd grip work 3 rds freestyle sambo 1 rd combat sambo

We were very Russian up until we pulled out the big axes and worked on a very neglected subject…Irish sparth axe based on George Silver mostly. We went over our basic stance work and practices some cuts and thrusts using the large axe. Has the sparth axe fire been rekindled…maybe it was alot of fun to pick the big axes up again.


We ended the session by going Russian again and heading out to the wooded area behind the LOD for some work at close ranging throwing of the e-tool. Basic knife range throwing of this fearsome little beast is devastating and it sticks nearly everytime and in the least rips out huge pieces of wood. I will have to get a clip of this up soon.


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