Session 3-19-09

2 Rds shadow boxing
2 rds sparring pugilism and savate
1 rd GnP bag
2 rds footwork/conditioning

We threw on our jackets for some sambo and had someone show up late
and join, this was his first taste of grappling…
3 rds off balancing
2 rds free style sambo…in my match with Justin I found myself
horrified at the flexibility of his legs…honestly it grossed me out
a little:)
1 rd par terre

We went over some basic takedowns with the new guy (not really new,
just have not seen him in a while), sambo single, back trip, old man
throw and bokovoy. He did fine but was pretty uncomfortable at times I

We grabbed the kettlebell and went over a few basic
concepts….including the always brutal Turkish get up which was
easier than ever for me, felt pretty good.

We ended the session with some single stick bouting and worked the
part timer into the mix since it is something he did some time ago.
Justin also gave him a refresher course in what he should be doing.

Over all a good class but new people always slow the flow down a
little bit but it is worth it in the long run. Hopefully he continues
to come out…I plied him with beer after class so hopefully the combo
of violence and alcohol works it’s magic.


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