Session 3-22-09

3 rds shadow boxing

2 rds sparring/boxing/savate
1 rd GnP bag
Sambo up next…
2 rds grip/offbalancing 
1 rd ground engagement
2 rds freestyle sambo
2 rds par terre (ground work…now why Russians choose to use a French term???I know there is a connection but not sure how it fits in with sambo)
We worked on gaining the armbar from the mount or saddle position, including how to drill it on the floor bag.
We spent about 15 minutes messing with the e-tools. Chopping into the beams of the LOD with them, first a chop to the head that gets blocked then a follow up to the groin….god I love these funky little shovels of death!
It was so nice out that we decided to go outside and do some JdP. I only recieved one nasty welt this time around:) 
Once done with that we played with the mountain axes for a while, going over four ways to deal with an attack (not the only four!).
Then did some bouting that we caught on video.

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