Session 3-15-09

2 rds shadow boxing

2 rds sparring boxing and savate

1 rd floor bag GnP

2 rds footwork/conditioning

We then went through a simple drill from savate…..A throws a mid line rear leg chasse while B sidesteps and follows up with a mid to high line rear fouette. We made a short clip of this drill:

We then did some work with catching kicks, shelf catch, under the arm catch, bracing after catching, some ways out of the caught kick…we ended the catches with a double arm catch that I was taught in my initial savate studies years ago and have seen in Combat Sambo since….from this catch we force the action to the ground and did an achilles crush that switched to a half crab from wrestling. We also worked abit more on ankle locks and the difference between them and crushes and did a bit of leglock dueling with a roll for the win.

We ended the session with some single stick matches…..I got a very nice welt on the back of my neck. Definitely the worst hit I have ever taken doing single stick. Without a doubt if we had had swords my head would have rolled! Sorry no video of that one!

Here is a bonus clip of Justin tossing Matt last week…enjoy:


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