Session 3-8-09

Nice and warm in the LOD today just over 50F.

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds sparring savate and boxing
1 rd footwork

We worked through two combination drills from savate
1 block fouette with parade and return a march croise chasse
2 move outside when they throw chasse bas and counter kick to their rear leg using a fouette.

Onto sambo….1 rd grip work then we worked through three different throws, a low podvhat from a cross lapel grab, a low podvhat from a whizzer grip and the Georgian hip throw. Matt and Justin then did a freestyle sambo bout…I sat out this time due to my finger still being messed. We ended the grappling session with some work busting the guard an a wee bit of G’n’P.

Still in a Russian mood we worked for about 15 minutes on the casting method of boxing…a few combinations, some power generation and shadowboxing.

Up next two bouts of single stick for the Broadsword League…Justin made quick work of me…Matt did somewhat better. I’ll be sending the results in shortly.

We ended the session with some navaja from the MdB. We worked a drill for the floretazo..well sort of a combination floretazo/footwork drill. The drill consisted of of us move around each other maintaining distance, once distance was broke we thrust tot he face of our opponent who was allowed to avoid the attack or parry with his offhand. The attacker was allowed to slash a plumada at the parrying hand as well. We round robined this drill.


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