Session 3-1-09

A brutally cold one today for some reason. The indoor temp read to be 30 but the wind seemed to be coming from a slightly different direction than normal and was just ripping though the cracks in the walls. We kept a stack of gloves set on a space heater and swapped our cold ones for warm ones every half hour or so. I decided to give my busted finger a bit more time to recover so we skipped all grappling today. We started with some work with figure 8’s used in the Russian method of casting punches, throwing combinations which included hooks, uppercuts, hammer fists and elbows, Moistly done in the air but with a few select combos done on the focus mitts. We then pulled out the sabers and took a look at how similar some of these combinations were to the Cossack saber drills we had done in the past with Randal Gustitis. Next up…..navaja. We went over the jiro, contra jiro and recortes from the MdB, then did some thrust for thrust drills, cutting the arm and returning the thrust in four variations. We reviewed our adaptation of a Garrote Larense drill for knife play and got fairly dizzy in the process. We even reviewed a cutting patter using the hawk and bowie. We ended the day with some singlestick…after some general work Matt and I had a bout for the broadsword League which he won 5 to 4. And the best part…before we got started we warmed up with some Russian blueberry nalivka.  Make your own…it is incredible! Nothing like starting your session with hard liqueur!



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