Some lead elbow techniques

Milo was asking about our opinions on the lead elbow on the Classic pugilism list…I told him I would vid a few concepts to share. Much easier and clearer than typing them out. I wanted to get them done on the weekend but power problems in the Loft of Doom made that impossible….better later than never I guess.


3 Responses

  1. Excellent stuff – many thanks for posting this.
    The first one was particularly interesting as it includes a takedown with which I’m unfamiliar. I’ll have to give it a try.

  2. Hello,

    I´´m a relative newbie to BKB, although I did a couple of workshops with Linacre School of Defence at the British Federation of Historical Swordplay A. G. M s in Edinburgh and Bolton Castle, Yorkshire.

    The techniques look fantastic and very practical in a self – defence situation. Could anyone tell me if there is actually a textual basis for them in BKB treatises and fight reports from the old days?

    cheers aswell for the videos – I have no one to train with at present so they are very helpful.



  3. Hi Simon…while I am almost positive that people did these in the old days. There is little mention of foul blows in the old manuals.

    They do show a blow called the foul pivot which is a spinning backfist blow turned into a spinning elbow. I plan on getting a clip of that up next if you are interested.

    I’ll also put up a picture of Rocky Marciano throwing an elbow on another boxer.

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