Sambo clinic review


Matt an I drove out to Findlay Ohio for a sambo clinic yesterday with Mark Tripp….so no training session report for today. 

We spent three hours doing sambo, combat sambo, Russian influenced judo and sambo influenced MMA. I broke my index finger on my left hand within five mins of the start when my finger got caught up in Matt’s jacket when I was tossing him with a fireman’s takedown. Needless to say this put a damper on my day. I got it taped up right away but it really was painful. It looks like a fat sausage today!
We went over a good amount of material and I learned several things that are going to help me up my game…so it was definitely worth the 3 1/2 drive and the paltry fee of $25. We will be doing this again in April.
After the clinic Coach Tripp produced his Soviet era classified military manuals…I asked him to point me to the shovel section….very cool material in there. Nothing complex and not too in depth but just from looking it over for a few minutes I was able to absorb a few concepts to add to my own arsenal of e-tool techniques.
imagesNot a pic of my actual finger:)