Session 2-1-09

A break in the weather. We were blessed with a training area that was 40F today! 

2 rds offbalance, grip work
2 rds sambo 
1 rd ground work
We worked on two simple kicking attacks from savate…displacement with fouette and march croise with mid line chasse. After a review of technique we chained these together making a drill of them.
We broke out the axe trainers and did some work with the murder axe from Mair and worked some of it into our mountain axe play. We concentrated on binding and grappling.
We then moved on to navaja….
We went over four stances:
1 Sevillian navaja in lead hand
2 Sevillian navaja in rear hand
3 Long range stance from MdB
4. Navarresse as described in Carmen
We went over the basic jiro and contrajiro
Plumada and reverse
We also worked a bit with navaja and cloak. We ended out knife play with a bout using the cold steel trainers.
We ended the session by breaking out the trainer e-tools and bout against the knife with them. The extended reach and just over all nastiness of the short shovel make it very hard to fight against using a knife…the more I play with my e-tool, the more i appreciate it.