Session 1-18-09

Temp in the LOD hovering in the mid 20’s F on Sunday. Only Matt and I were foolish enough to train.

We started the session with testing out some plastic shovels I found to use as trainers for the e-tool. Only payed a dollar each and was pretty happy to find them. They had a good amount of flex…but that all changed once they were out in sub freezing temps for a few minutes…they shattered against a fencing mask and against each other. Looks like I will have to wait until spring to use these.
Next up sambo…any excuse to throw on another jacket.
2 rds off balance grip work
3 rds sambo
1 rd ground work only
We then worked on the following leg locks:
achilles crush
ankle lock
heel hook
inverted heel hook
paper cutter
We then worked on Sonnon’s saddle theory more and applied some of these locks from this position.
We ended the session with some work reviewing use of the Khesurian combat rings..a little history and technique.
Then on Monday  Tim Anderson from Maryland was in the area so he stopped by for 3 1/2 hrs of private instruction on Muay Thai and sambo…I threw a good amount of pugilism in as well. Same wonderfully warm temps as on Sunday.
Does not look like we will be getting much of a break this weekend on the temps either so I am not sure if we will even train.

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