Some pics of basic stance work using the Irish sparth axe

Here are a few photos that have been mouldering away on my hard drive for several months now. I planned on doing some more but have not gotten around to it.

Problem is, the info on using axes historically is thin at best so there is just not a lot to work with. These are based on George Silvers work…perhaps given some incentive and a bit more time we could come up with a bit more to work with but for now, this is about all I have to share:

1untitled-3 Open

untitled-4 Low ward

untitled-6 High ward

untitled-7 Tail ward or Guardant

untitled-3 size of the Sparth axe

Don’t get too hung up on the names of the wards…they are little more than place holders for now.


3 Responses

  1. what a beautiful weapon.
    where did you get it / who made it?
    im a McSweeney and i’d love to get my hands on a galloglass weapon

  2. Oprishki;

    I am with a small group here in the MD-PA-DC-VA-NC area, portraying Galloglass in the various periods 1250-1601; with especial emphasis on 2nd half 16th Century.

    I really am impressed with your photos – would you be interested in sharing your insights about Galloglass axe fighting drill/ technique? We are not a combat simulation group a la SCA, (but we have some SCA members) but we do try to demonstrate to the Public what we can about combat technique.

    I too have an Albion “Hebridean War Axe” – a good copy of the “Donegal Axe” in the NMI, Dublin. I also have a Nick Johnson (Knives by Nick-UK) “Clonteevy”-like axe, and a Claymore-Armoury “Donegal/ Ballina” Type axe.

    We are quite serious about describing the CORRECT history of the Galloglass. We talk to each other on a Yahoo Group entitled “Caislean na Cnamha” (Castle of Bones.) Please consider signing on and sharing your insights, experiences, thoughts & etc.



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