Session 12-15-08


Nice warm day with temps into the 40’s F.

Started off with just Matt and I doing sambo…basic warm up followed by some grip/off balancing work.
We then shot a few vids of some technique mainly for our own viewing but we may share on you tube or something. Mostly sambo but we did some work with the mountain axe and entrenching tool (we’ll definitely share at least those via you tube).
Chris came in a little late and watched the end of our sambo session. We then worked on our clinch..escaping and basically just how to deal with various attacks from the clinch. We had to venture into Muay Thai for this…how can you defend against what you do not understand? 
We ended the session with pugilism. 2 rds of boxing for each of us, followed by a discussion and demo of the casting method aftershich we worked through

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