Session 11-9-08

Three of us today…nice and chilly! Our indoor temp read 40 F.

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds savate
1 rd speed bag
1 rd freestyle footwork
1 rd bob and weave line training with a rope

Onto sambo….
1 rds ground engagements
2 rds grip work
2 rds freestyle sambo

med ball crunch tosses
med ball sprawl tosses
swings with kettle bell
clean and jerk with kettle bell
Turkish get up

We then took out our navaja trainers and reviewed some much neglected material. We focused mainly on methods of attack and ended with a drill stringing jiro’s together.

We ended the session with some work using the entrenching tool. We discussed the various grips available then did some work against an attacker using a saber with the e-tool user employing a med grip in the enter of the handle and using the butt end of the handle to wind over to trap the blade.


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