Session 10-5-08

Just two of us today…..Justin had a prior commitment, Guv resting on
his laurels after scoring his 14 second KO in his fight last week,
Chris injured….so just Matt and I today.

Started with a rds of footwork for warm up
1 rd offblancing/grip work
3 rds sub wrestling without jackets
1 rd sub wrestling starting from the knees
20 sprawls with the med ball
20 sit ups with the med ball
10 med ball slams

We then got into a discussion of rough and tumble and worked through
some of the common techniques and differences between it and wrasslin
and ended up with two short bouts to illustrate how much no rules
changes things….just nasty but fun:)

We ended the session with lots of bouting:
single stick
mountain axe


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