Classes at SCA Saxon Summer

Well saturday I taught two classes at the local Northeast Ohio SCA groups event called Saxon Summer. I taught right after the heavy fighting.

FIrst class…medival dagger and wrestling with a definite focus on wrestling in the manner put forth by Fiore Dei Liberi in his 1410 text. We discussed the 7 requirements for wrestling and showed examples of the last five and also wnet over the four wrestling posta. We then worked through the 1st Master in the wrestling section, ending up with some dagger defenses from the Iron gate position. Fun class, and much thanks to Bob Charron who I stole heavily from.

We then broke out the mountain axes and luckily I had just enough to make sure everyone got to have a training axe. We talked briefly about the history any cultural variations of the mountain axe before jumping right into the use.

We covered the four main stances…Hungarian, Polomski and Zbojnici forward and back. Holding the axe with the strong hand back is odd for most folks at first even if they get the reason why we do it. We also spent a long time working on the vertical figure eight movement and showing why it is an important component in the usage of this weapon.

We ended the class by working through 4 plays, axe vs axe.

Overall a good experience and I would be happy to do it again when asked. The turnout was not great but bucketloads of water falling on your head will tend to make even the hardiest of combatants decide to stay home and dry. Though the SCA has gotten some bad press with many WMA folks…all Is aw were people interested in what we were doing and enjoying whacking each other with axes and twisting each others limbs…what more could you ask for?


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