Session 9-7-08

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds savate sparring
1 rd partnered footwork drill
1 min conditioning
1 rd freestyle footwork
1 min conditioning

Onto grappling…..we worked on single leg take downs, mostly on the
shot and getting in deep enough with that first penetrating step. We
either used a gathering step to close the distance or a passing step.

We then worked for a bit on Wade Schalles clock theory of
wrestling…basically we take the body of our opponent and designate
positions on the clock for his various limbs to cover…this is mostly
for turning over a downed opponent but has other uses too.

Next up we did some bouting. It has been a while and I felt pretty
rusty but good.
3 rds single stick
2 rds fokos
2 rds knife

On Wed. Matt and I did about and hour of freestyle wrestling followed up with some work on the mmountain axe.


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