Three of us today….
2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds 2 man feed and follow drill with jab only
2 rds three count cadence drills
1 rd freestyle foot work
2 rds feed and follow 2 man footwork drills

Decided to take a short break from sparring and work more on technique for a bit.

We then threw our jackets on for sambo…..
2 rds grip/off blancing
1 rd ground engagements
Work on a back trip done to the opponents rear leg and a belt/lapel grab sacrifice throw from the side position.
Some work flowing from striking to an arm bar and from striking to an ankle lock.

2 rds free style sambo

We ended the session with Matt and I doing some bouting with the fokos. Both of us using the back spike a great deal more than before.

On Wed, Matt and I worked out…about an hour of full bore sambo..good session.


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