Session 8-24-08

Four of us today….
2 rds shadow boxing for warm up.
We then worked on a simple two punch combo….straight lead with a
drop step followed by a straight rear with a shoulder whirl. We picked
a spot and made sure we threw the two punches at the exact same spot
all the while making sure to strike the first punch with a vertical
fist and the second with a horizontal.

After a few rounds spent on this in the air, we brought out fred the
head and threw some punches at him…we then added a long ranged
inverted lead hook to this combo followed by a rear overhand or a
manchette to the side of the neck, whichever the range was best for or
even a corkscrew hook with the rear hand. (manchette is a swinging
forearm blow from savate)

We also worked on defending against a take down using footwork and the
corkscrew hook.

Lots of partnered footwork was done as well as some freestyle foot
work drills. We also did some feed and follow drills throwing on the
jab but focusing on the footwork as defense most of all.

Chris and Guv had to leave, which found just Mat and I throwing on our
jackets for some sambo.

2 rds grip, offblance work
1 rd 1 for 1 throws
3 rds freestyle sambo

We then pulled out the leather satiteni and had a short reviw of the
techniques and then a quick one rd bout.

For conditioning this time around we tossed the med ball from a
kneeling position, sprawling each time we threw. We also did a rd of
stick wrestling.


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