Session 8-17-08 NEOHEMAS

Three of us today, Justin was under the weather and Matt was working, so
it was Guv, Chris and I. Whenever these guys are here alone I go more
into coach mode.

2 rds shadow boxing
Then they each sparred a round with me, then 6 with each other.
We worked on specific concepts for each of the two guys, I wanted
Chris to work his jab more and keep himself better covered while
kicking, I wanted Guv to change his stance as often as possible…just
as the other guy is set, I wanted a stance change to ruin it all.

We covered some set up concepts such as broken rhythm and following
the punch back…but really I just wanted to watch these two go at it
and look for obvious holes in their games, none really that can’t be
tweaked with a little hard work.

We then covered some clinch work and talked tactics and planned what
we would work on Tuesday when they come out again….lotsa footwork
iin these guys future.

On Wed afternoon, I had Matt out and we ripped right through our sambo
1 rd lateral drilling (mostly of a conditioning nature)
2 rds offbalancing, grip work
1 rds work on throws without resistence
3 rds freestyle sambo
Stick wrestling
Tossing the med ball from the knees and falling into a sprawl position
each time.
We then brokeout the trusty mountain axe and worked slowly through
some material and ended with a nice long but gentle bout with them
since we did not have any safety gear on.


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